Meet Miranda, an amazing wedding bouquet preservation artist in Rhode Island

candle holder wedding bouquet preservation rhode island

You’ve put a ton of thought into the color scheme of your wedding. You’ve found an amazing florist who understands your vision and is SO excited to bring it to life (if you are still looking, definitely check out Black Iris Floral Designs!). How awesome would it be if you could preserve this gorgeous feature of your day? Miranda Lopez, a very talented wedding bouquet preservation artist in Rhode Island, can help you do just that!

Miranda is the owner and artist of Creare, a Warwick-based business that can turn the flowers from your bouquet into an entirely new and unique piece of art or decor. Using a wide variety of resin molds, Miranda can create pretty much any design you can dream up, from free-standing letters to display on your mantel, to everyday household items like coasters, and even jewelry. Although Creare is located in Rhode Island, Miranda is able to ship floral preservation pieces anywhere within the continental U.S.

resin coasters made with dried wedding flowers by Miranda Lopez, a wedding bouquet preservation artist in Rhode Island

Miranda was one of many 2020 brides who opted for an intimate micro wedding over a large, elaborate gathering. The idea for her business blossomed (pun totally intended) when she realized she wanted to save the flowers from her own special day, and began researching how to do it. Since then, Miranda has quickly grown Creare into an incredibly successful business—she’s already booking for 2023!

Miranda understands just how important flowers can be to the overall aesthetic of any wedding day—how they define the moment and set the mood. And she knows how lovely it is to have something on display in your home that can instantly take you back to that moment. “I like to see these flowers as a piece of art,” she explained. “A part of the couple’s big day that I can help decorate their home with.” Along with photos and perhaps even a custom painting of a favorite scene from your wedding (yup, it’s a thing), flower preservations are one more beautiful way to ensure the memory of that amazing day never fades.

resin tray and ring holder with dried wedding florals made by Miranda Lopez, a wedding bouquet preservation artist in Rhode Island

Of all the wedding bouquet preservation artists in RI, Miranda’s creativity is unmatched, and she’s just as passionate about the process of working closely and directly with couples as she is about actually making art. Every preservation is 100% custom-designed to fit the couple’s particular needs and style. No question or idea is too wild to bring to the table, and all colors are fair game—in fact, colorful bouquets are Miranda’s specialty! “[These bouquets] really pop and make such beautiful preservations,” she shared. However, there is one color in particular that really excites her: “I love working with purples and so working with a bouquet that has so many purples and mauves and even some gems and sparkles would be a dream!” Um, does that not sound like the coolest thing ever?? Talk about creating something unique. 

2023 brides – don’t wait ‘til the big day is over to look into wedding bouquet preservation! If you already know that flowers are a part of your wedding you’d love to keep forever, get in touch with Miranda—she can’t wait to hear all about your vision!

moon-shaped ring holder with dried petals created as a wedding bouquet preservation

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