Meet April (AKA The Offbeat Officiant) – a one-of-a-kind Boston wedding officiant

An intimate wedding ceremony led by April of The Offbeat Officiant, a Boston wedding officiant

When you choose a wedding officiant who really fits your style, your ceremony can actually end up being one of the most memorable parts of your day! You might be looking for someone who truly appreciates the relationship you have with your partner, someone who can make the experience fun & relaxed. If that’s the case, April Ward-Stanbrook, also known as The Offbeat Officiant, is the Boston wedding officiant you’re looking for. Over the past 8 years, she’s become known as one of the area’s most versatile & open-minded Justices of the Peace.


An intimate wedding ceremony led by April of The Offbeat Officiant, a Boston wedding officiant


Like many small business owners, April’s “why” stems from her own personal experience of choosing an officiant for her wedding. “At that time, almost 15 years ago, there were not too many options available, and I chose a Justice of the Peace I found in the phone book,” she shared. “Fast forward a few years later, I applied to become a Justice of the Peace and when my application was approved and I was appointed, I put my heart and soul into it.” Almost instantly, her goal was to become “an officiant who was truly open-minded and would make the ceremony process fun!”

One of the main qualities that set April apart as a Boston wedding officiant, is her passion for crafting fully custom ceremonies that really reflect each couple’s unique relationship. “I love all of the unique couples that I have the opportunity to meet!” she shared. “I love hearing about how they met, all the little funny stories and the challenges they may have encountered and how together they have grown stronger.” And since their marriage is the beginning of an amazing new chapter in any couple’s story, April believes your ceremony should honor that story. The way she sees it, no two couples are exactly alike—and so no two ceremonies should be exactly alike either!

April’s mission to make each ceremony unique and beautiful in its own way stems from the fact that she’s pretty unique herself. “I may look a little different from other officiants, with brightly dyed hair and colorful tattoos, but my main goal is for couples to feel as though they have a close friend officiating the ceremony,” she explained. “I want my couples to enjoy the whole ceremony process and not stress about the most important aspect of their wedding day.” Her approach is very laid-back and fun-loving, which instantly puts her couples at ease. And, really, isn’t that how every couple wants (and deserves) to feel when planning their big day?


April Ward-Steinbrook, also known as The Offbeat Officiant


It’s clear that April adores her job as a Boston wedding officiant, and that she loves the connections she gets to form with her clients. But beyond that, she also enjoys being part of the larger wedding industry, among so many like-minded people. “There are a few locations and venues that are on my bucket list,” she told me. “I have already worked at some amazing locations with kick-ass couples and hard-working vendors. I’m thankful for each opportunity, and I’m looking forward to discovering new places!”

No matter where in Massachusetts or Rhode Island you’re planning to get married, or what kind of ceremony you’d like to have, April can help you bring it to life. She will inspire and encourage you to think outside the box and stay 100% true to you on your big day—you couldn’t possibly be in better hands!


Interested in having April officiate your wedding ceremony? Reach out to her directly here, and be sure to check out some of the other AMAZING weddings she’s done on her Instagram page!


And if you’re still searching for a photographer who shares April’s open-mindedness and creativity – I’d love to chat! Drop me a line here. ❤️

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