All about Infiniti Bodyworks – one of the most amazing Boston massage centers

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If you’ve looked into massage therapy & bodywork at all, you probably already know that these practices have tons of amazing benefits for both your body and your mind. And you probably also know that you don’t want to go to “just anyone” for these services. Enter Infiniti Bodyworks, one of the most unique, welcoming, comprehensive & holistic Boston massage therapy centers, home to 2 of the area’s most knowledgeable, accomplished & dedicated practitioners. Here, you can learn more about the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Infiniti Bodyworks, what they do, and why they love doing it!

Infiniti Bodyworks – the origin story

Infiniti Bodyworks’ co-owners and practitioners Rebecca “Becky” Schulte, and her mother Elizabeth “Betsy” Chandler, both graduated from the Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in 2006. For Becky, it ended up being the perfect path toward her long-term goal. “When I was 16, I was given an English assignment to write a paper about where I wanted to be in 15 years. I always knew I wanted to help people, so I decided that I would own my own alternative therapies clinic. At that time I thought it would center around psychology. However, I quickly learned in college that psychology was not for me,” she shared. “I chose to study sociology instead, and received a BA in Sociology with minors in Studio Art and Creative Writing.

“Shortly after college, I got married and had my child,” Becky went on. “I realized I would not have time to go back to school full time to get a Master’s degree. So I decided to go to school part time for another of my interests, Massage Therapy. In 2001 I started at Palmer and never looked back.” 

For Betsy, Palmer also provided an opportunity for her to explore the deeper layers of her interests. “I am a nurse and taught nursing for 23 years. Back rubs were a part of my practice,” she explained, “and I became interested in expanding this part of my practice.” After completing over 1700 hours of massage and energy work classes together, Becky and Betsy realized they had something unique to offer. 

“When we started working from home, we started with massage,” Betsy explained. “But we realized that was leaving out 1200 hours of our training.So we developed an energy based session that is unique and very successful at being therapeutic and stress relieving. We pretty much work until problems are resolved, sometimes working for up to two hours per session.”

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The most versatile Boston massage therapists

Becky & Betsy have set Infiniti Bodyworks even further apart by finding ways to incorporate other interests and elements of their backgrounds into their work.

“We tailor each session to the person on the table, and if that person is open to it, we teach and guide in every session,” said Becky, who is also a Spiritual Path Facilitator. “Even if I am performing an individual session, it is unique. [One or both of us] taps in intuitively to what the person needs.”

“We have some techniques that are always included, others that we use based on client needs,” Betsy added. “We actively involve the client in the session.”

Simply put, you can walk into a session at Infiniti Bodyworks with one particular goal, and walk out feeling healed & renewed in so many other ways!

“I love most when someone gets off the table and feels a difference from when they first walked in the door,” Becky told me when I asked about her favorite part of doing bodywork.

With their extensive education, their passion for helping others, their connection to the spirit world, and their unparalleled teamwork as mother and daughter, Becky & Betsy offer an experience you won’t find at any other Boston massage therapy center. Check out the Infiniti Bodyworks website to find out even more about what they do, and how you can work with them.

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