Get to know Bittersweet Farm – a beautiful, diverse & affordable wedding venue in Massachusetts

floral display at Bittersweet Farm, a beautiful and affordable wedding venue in Massachusetts

If “rustic elegance” is exactly the vibe you have in mind for your Massachusetts wedding, you have to check out Bittersweet Farm. Not only are the grounds full of idyllic spots for photos; the staff are expert event coordinators who can bring all the elements of your vision together flawlessly. Plus, Bittersweet Farm is  surprisingly one of the more affordable wedding venues in Massachusetts, considering all the accommodations you get for your big day. I highly encourage you to see the property in person, but for now, you can read all about what makes this venue unique!


couple in black wedding attire posing for photos during their reception at Bittersweet Farm, a rustic wedding venue in Westport, MA


Bittersweet Farm is located in rural Westport, MA, but the venue primarily draws couples from the South Shore region. And it’s easy to understand why: It’s truly the only wedding venue of its kind within about a 100-mile radius. The gorgeous farm is the perfect setting for couples looking to escape the city and embrace the outdoors on their big day. And they offer a fantastic all-inclusive package, which kinda makes it a no-brainer.

Working with the fantastic Bittersweet Farm team

Lauren Simons, the general manager at Bittersweet Farm, and Alexis Ferland, the sales and functions coordinator, oversee many different aspects of the site, but they both agree that wedding coordination is the best part of their job. “Just going all the way through the planning process with a couple, and then seeing it all unfold—seeing how happy they are,” Alexis answered when I asked what she loved most about it. “This is the day of their life they’ve been waiting for, and we get to help make it happen.”

Lauren, Alexis, and the rest of the team are always working to improve the already-irresistible barn and grounds. When you book your wedding at Bittersweet Farm, you get access to the expansive lawn, the patio, the elegant gazebo, and plenty of other rustic touches that make perfect photo backdrops. It’s honestly hard to say which is more beautiful—the outdoor areas, or the barn itself. If you’ve never seen firsthand how stunning a barn wedding venue can become with the right team dedicated to it, you will here.


couple in black wedding attire posing near gazebo at Bittersweet Farm


If you’re searching for an affordable wedding venue in Massachusetts that has a cozy, charming, intimate vibe, gorgeous areas for outdoor photos, and a totally seamless, stress-free planning process, Bittersweet Farm is your place. You can learn more about it & get in touch with the team here.


Pssst…I’ll let you in on a little secret. Intimate farm weddings are my jam. So, if you’re also looking for a photographer who totally fits your style, let’s connect. ❤️

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