4 frequently asked questions about boudoir, answered by a Massachusetts photographer

woman laying on bed boudoir session

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had a period of time in your life when you felt insecure or not as comfortable in your own skin as you’d like to be. And if you have, you know that accepting, loving & embracing yourself is a journey—sometimes a long one. Doing a boudoir shoot can be an amazing step in that journey.


My personal approach as a Massachusetts boudoir photographer is based on one simple idea: your boudoir experience is SO much more than just a photo shoot. It’s a symbolic act of self-love, of you choosing to embrace who you are right now. It took me a while to work up to it, because I DEFINITELY experienced a pang of insecurity during quarantine last year! But honestly, even just loosening up and posing during my session made me feel like I could do anything.

woman in lingerie during boudoir session by Vivid Instincts Photography

So if you feel ready to give yourself this kind of experience, but still have some questions or want more clarity on what it’s all about, I’ve got you. Here are four of my most commonly asked questions from my clients, answered:


  1. Q: Is it all about being sexy?

A: Not necessarily. This largely depends on your photographer’s particular style and approach, as well as your specific goals. Some Massachusetts boudoir photographers focus on capturing very sex-forward images, while others lean more toward the soft, sensual side. My work strikes a balance between these two styles. I love adding a few implied nude shots to my sessions (as long as you are comfortable with this, of course), but at the end of the day, boudoir as a genre is all about making you feel gorgeous and empowered on every level.

woman implied nude with blanket on bed


2. Q: Is a boudoir album a good wedding/anniversary gift for my partner?

A: Definitely. Let’s be real, your partner probably hypes you up and celebrates you more than you do yourself. They love you for exactly who you are—so imagine how much they will cherish a collection of gorgeous photos of you that show exactly that! With all that said, though, boudoir doesn’t *have* to be done only as a gift for your significant other. You can totally do it just for yourself! 


3. Q: Is boudoir only for women?

A: Nope—not the way I see it, anyway. Boudoir is for anyone who wants to feel empowered and more confident in their own skin. While the vast majority of my clients are women, I am 100% welcoming of all genders. 


4. Q: How much does it cost?

A: This also depends on the photographer and their specific approach. Boudoir may seem pricey, but there is a lot that goes into giving you an incredible experience that you’ll cherish forever. Hair, makeup, studio space, and the cost of producing a beautiful album all factor into the final price. I think of it as being very similar to the pricing of other businesses that provide self-pampering type services, like tattoo artists and hairstylists: it’s all about the type of experience you want. At the end of the day, your boudoir album is something you’ll always be able to look back on and be reminded of the strong, radiant, beautiful badass that you are. And that—your unique essence captured forever in a beautiful piece of art—is priceless.

woman laying on bed boudoir session


For more information on my pricing, check out the Investment Details on the Boudoir page of my website!


If you have other questions about the boudoir experience that weren’t listed here, just drop me a line! I’d love to connect with you and chat more about it ❤️

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